John Bowen Nicholas

John Bowen NICHOLAS was born: 28 June 1873 29, St Michaels, Pembrokeshire, Wales (Tenby St. Mary Out Liberty, Pembroke 11a 843).

Father: Evan Nicholas

Born:        ~December 1843 in Bletherston, Pembrokeshire, Wales (Narberth 266 43)

Died:         ~March 1887 (age 42) (Pembroke 11a 663)

Mother: Eleanor Bowen

Born:        ~June 1851 in Pembrokeshire, Wales (Narberth 267 59)

Died:         ~December 1872 (Narbeth 11a 1530)

1881 England, Wales & Scotland Census

Living with his parents and siblings at the family farm

HouseholdGenderAge Birthplace
HeadEvan NicholasM36Wales
WifeEleanor NicholasF30Wales
SonJohn B NicholasM7Wales
SonMathias L NicholasM5Wales
DaughterMartha A NicholasF3Wales
DaughterMary J NicholasF0Wales

1891 England, Wales & Scotland Census

 Grove Hill Farm House, Rose Valley, St Michael Pembroke, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales

First(s)LastRelationStatusSexAgeBirthOccupationBirth place
ElenorNicolasHeadWidowFemale411850FarmingPembrokeshire, Wales
JohnNicolasSonSingleMale171874Farmers SonPembrokeshire, Wales
MathiasNicolasSonSingleMale151876Farmers SonPembrokeshire, Wales
Martha ANicolasDaughterFemale131878ScholarPembrokeshire, Wales
Mary JNicolasDaughterFemale101881Farmers SonPembrokeshire, Wales
MargaretNicolasDaughterFemale71884Farmers SonPembrokeshire, Wales
ElenorNicolasDaughterFemale31888Pembrokeshire, Wales
AnnaJenkinsServantSingleFemale181873DomesticPembrokeshire, Wales

Lizzie Guhde

Name:                               Elizabeth (Lizzie) Marie Ghude Nicholas (1884 – 1963)

Born:                                 ~August 1883, Germany

(to USA) :                         ~1886

United States Census, 1900

Fredrick GuhdeHeadM51Germany
Emilie GuhdeWifeF47Germany
Fred GuhdeSonM22Germany
Max GuhdeSonM20Germany
Lizzie GuhdeDaughterF17Germany
Morry GuhdeDaughterF14Nebraska
Minnie GuhdeDaughterF13Nebraska
Emma GuhdeDaughterF9Nebraska
Emilie GuhdeDaughterF5Nebraska

Marriage: Elizabeth Marie Ghude, 3 March 1908 (Age 24 years), Otoe, Nebraska, United States

John B. Nicholas and Lizzie M. M. Guhde, 03 Mar 1908.

Age: 34
Spouse’s Name: Lizzie M. M. Guhde
Spouse’s Birth Date: 1885
Spouse’s Birthplace: Otoe, Neb.
Spouse’s Age: 23
Event Date: 03 Mar 1908
Event Place: Otoe, Nebraska
Father’s Name: 
Mother’s Name: 
Spouse’s Father’s Name: 
Spouse’s Mother’s Name: 
Race: White
Marital Status: Unknown
Previous Wife’s Name: 
Spouse’s Race: White
Spouse’s Marital Status: Single
Spouse’s Previous Husband’s Name: 

Military: WWI Draft, between 1917 and 1918 (Age 41 years), New York City no 55, Address: New York, United States

Death: 9 January 1950 (Age 76 years), Summerfield Marshall County Kansas, USA

United States Census, 1910

Elk Creek, Custer, Nebraska, United States

B John NicholasHeadM36England
Lizzie NicholasWifeF25Germany

United States Census, 1920

Elk Creek, Custer, Nebraska, United States

John B NicholasHeadM46Wales
Lizzie NicholasWifeF35Nebraska
Evan NicholasSonM8Nebraska
Eleanor NicholasDaughterF7Nebraska
Lloydd NicholasSonM3Nebraska
Lewis NicholasSonM1Nebraska

United States Census, 1930

Mission Creek, Pawnee, Nebraska, United States

John B NickollsHeadM56England
Elizabeth M NickollsWifeF45Germany
Evin B NickollsSonM19Nebraska
Eleanor A NickollsDaughterF17Nebraska
Lloyd G NickollsSonM13Nebraska
Lewis L NickollsSonM11Nebraska
Doris NickollsDaughterF5Nebraska

United States Census, 1940

St. Bridget Township, Marshall, Kansas, United States

John B NicholasHeadM66England
Elizabeth M NicholasWifeF55Germany
Lloyd G NicholasSonM23Nebraska
Doris E NicholasDaughterF15Nebraska


Birth:Jun. 28, 1873
Death:Jan. 9, 1950
Family links: 
Spouse:Elizabeth Marie Ghude Nicholas (1884 – 1963)*
 Lloyd George Nicholas (1916 – 2010)*
 Lewis L. Nicholas (1918 – 2013)*
Burial:Summerfield Cemetery
 Marshall County
 Kansas, USA
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