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Was Benjamin L. Nicholas apprenticed with Richard Phillips?

In the 1871 Census of England and Wales Benjamin’s occupation is listed as ‘Tailor’s apprentice’ but it gives no indication of who the tailor could have been.

Lower Holloway (Holloway Fach) – Benjamin Nicholas, 14, Tailor (Apprentice)

However recent investigations into the 1871 Census have identified a possible candidate – Richard Phillips.

Richard was born in New Moat in about 1830. In 1858 Richard married Hannah Nicholas who was born about 1838. Hannah’s Parents were Stephen NICHOLAS (B:1797 & probably John NICHOLAS’ younger brother) and Ann MORGANS. Which means than Hanah was probably Benjamin’s father’s cousin.

Hannah and Richard lived at Posty-draw which is a house, near Posty Farm, less than  a mile from Benjamin’s family home – Holloway Fach. In the same 1871 census Richard’s occupation is listed as Tailor (employing 1 man).

Posty – Richard Philips, 40, Tailor (employing 1 man)

I firmly believe that means that Benjamin was apprenticed with Richard who was married to his father’s cousin.

Nebraska Family Farms

Nebraska Family Farms

Google Map illustrating the location of the farms owned by

1. Benjamin Lewis NICHOLAS

l-r Matha Anne (Annie) B: 1881 (Kansas), Benjamin Lewis B: 1856 Wales), Mary Theodocia B: 1883 (K), Margaret (Benyon) B:1857 (Wales) & Sarah Jane B:1887. Picture taken at the family home in Elk Creek, Custer County NE ~1888.
l-r Martha Anne (Annie) B: 1881 (Kansas), Benjamin Lewis B: 1856 (Wales), Margaret Brittanna B:~1885 (Nebraska), Mary Theodocia B: ~1883 (K), Margaret (Benyon) B:1857 (W) & Sarah Jane B:~1887(N). Picture taken at the family home in Elk Creek, Custer County NE ~1888.

2. Hans C PETERSON – (Han’s son Nels W Peterson married Benjamin’s daughter [Mary] Theodocia) and

3. William IHLOW [later changed to Eloe] – (William’s son John ELOE married Benjamin’s daughter Elizabeth [Marion] in 1915).

Click here to see the Plat Map of Custer County (from 1904) overlaid on the latest Google Map. This will open in a new window and you can use the controls (on the right of the Historic Map Works page) to select ‘Satellite’, Zoom (on the left of the page) to read the names and use the ‘Change Map Opacity:’ to reveal the exact location of each farm
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