How did Thomas Nicholas meet Martha Lewis?

How did Thomas Nicholas meet Martha Lewis?

One of the questions that has remained unanswered is how Thomas Nicholas (1820-1898) met and married a girl born in Manchester, Lancashire, England, almost 200 miles north of Bletherston!

Unable to find a Martha Lewis, born: Manchester, Lancashire, England between 1821 and 1825 (1823 +/- 2 years) in the 1841 Census of England & Wales; I ordered a copy of Thomas and Martha’s marriage certificate which confirmed that Thomas and Martha were married 23 June 1842 at St Non’s Parish Church, Llanycefn, Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Using the information on their marriage certificate and on the assumption that most couples in the UK marry in the bride’s home parish I searched the 1841 census again but limiting the location to Llanycefyn, Pembrokeshire, Wales and extending the range of Martha’s birth year to +/- 5 years and the first entry found was as follows:

Sych Cant, Llanycefn, Narberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales


Source: 1841 England, Wales & Scotland Census

The address ‘Sych Cant’ was the address shown on the marriage certificate so I believe this was the right ‘Martha Lewis’. However the head of the household was Evan Lewis born 1791, occupation: Farmer. Unfortunately the 1841 Census only recorded the address, first name, last name, sex, age and occupation and the relationship and place of birth were not recorded. Also an Evan Lewis is one of the witnesses who signed Thomas and Martha’s marriage cerificate. Therefore we must assume that Evan Lewis was not Martha’s father but possibly her uncle and her father, David, was Evan Lewis’ brother.

I then went to the National Library of Wales website to search the Welsh Tithe Maps (1840) to identify the location of the ‘Sych Cant’ farm farmed by Evan Lewis and discovered that the farm is located on the road from Llanycefn to Maenclochog…

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